In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn 2D images in 3D printable models for you BIO X/BIO X6.



1. Design a structure or take an image of you choosing. Kindly make sure that the image has no background.

2. Export the file in .SVG format.

3. Launch Blender.

4. Import the SVG file into Blender. 

The file will appear in the upper right panel.

To preview properly your design, use the navigation tools (framed in red). Quick tip: To focus on your model, select it and hit the "." key.

5. For the moment, you design is still in 2D. To give volume to your structure, click on "Object data properties > Geometry > Extrude" and input the height desired. Your model is now in 3D!

6. Some 3D models might be either too small or too big to fit on the print surface. To resize your model, click on the arrow in the right corner as shown below.

The "Scale" and "Dimensions" panels will enable you to resize your 3D model to fit your print surface.

7. After resizing your 3D model, the latter can be exported as a .STL file.

To keep current scale of the model, kindly set the scale value to 1000 and tick the "Scene unit button". Finally, export the file and save it on a USB drive.

8. Transfer your 3D model to your instrument (BIO X/BIO X6) and HAPPY BIOPRINTING !

Please feel free to contact us at if you need assistance with any of the above step.