In order to create a ticket on FreshDesk, the end user has to create an account first on FreshDesk. Please follow the step by step guide below:

1. Visit this link

2. Select the Sign Up button located at the upper right corner of the webpage. 

3. Fill out your Full Name and Email. Finish the CAPTCHA task to verify you are not a bot and click the Register button. 

4. You will receive an email notification from FreshDesk. Click the activation link and start setting up your password.

5. After successfully setting up your password, you can visit this link again to login:

6. Type in your email address and password and click Login

7. Click the Tickets section as shown below.

8. Click New Support Ticket  

9. Fill out the text fields as shown below. Choose the fields that best describes your inquiry. Please attach more photos and videos for better understanding of the issue. After all the text boxes are filled out, click the Submit button. A representative from CELLINK Support will be in touch with you. 

Tip 1: Prior to creating a ticket, kindly visit our Solutions portal to find solutions to your existing issues. 

For further queries, please do not hesitate to reach us out at or via phone: 

US +1-833-235-5465 

EU +46-31-128-700