Ideally, you will need a 5mm wrench to adjust the printhead height. A small adjustable wrench could also work. Pliers best avoided, but could also be used with care.

  1. With the printer off, push up printhead 1
  2. Gently move the heater cable out of the way to the left
  3. Loosen the long nut using the 5mm wrench
  4. With your fingers turn the all thread rod clockwise (looking from the top) to raise the head position or counter clockwise to lower the position. The pitch of the thread is quite fine, so a few revolutions may be necessary to achieve noticeable results. Only extended position is affected.
  5. Release the printhead to verify that the desired height difference is achieved. If not, go back and repeat Step 4
  6. Tighten the long nut using the 5mm wrench

If you run into issues with this or have any questions please contact CELLINK Support at