Kindly feel free to follow the steps below:

1. Turn off the power of LUMEN X.

2. Insert the USB of a keyboard (wireless/wired) into LUMEN X main unit as shown in the image below.

3. The next step will need to be done by two individuals. If you turned on LUMEN X and there is no display showing on the LUMEN display screen for about 30 seconds to 1 minute as shown below,

then, the first person can kindly proceed with clicking the switch on the side panel of the LUMEN X as shown below using tweezers.

Once the clicking of switch is done and as soon the system reboots, the other person needs to simultaneously press the “Delete” button from your keyboard as shown in the image below for 10 seconds or more right after the other person clicked the switch from the side panel as shown.

5. If the “password prompt” appears, type “lumen”.

6. During the booting process, while still keeping the “Delete” pressed 10 seconds or more, please also make sure that the “Press <DEL> to enter setup” statement changes to “Entering Setup” as shown in the image below. Once the statement changes to “Entering Setup”,

kindly wait for few more seconds (while still pressing the “Delete” button) until the display screen shows something like the image below:


7. Kindly navigate to other tabs by pressing the right/left button of your keyboard as shown below:

8. Kindly navigate to “Power” tab and press up/down buttons to navigate to subcategories. Kindly ensure that “USB Wake Up Power” is “Enabled” and “AC power loss” is “Power On”. This can be done by pressing “Enter” to each subcategory and selecting the recommended options. After selecting the options, kindly press “Esc” to go back to the previous menu.

8. After selecting the recommended options, kindly navigate to the “Save&Exit” tab, and choose the “Save Changes and Exit” subcategory. Press Enter button from your keyboard and once the popup box shows “Save configuration and exit?”, press the Enter button again to click the “Yes”. After this step, the system will reboot.

9. After the rebooting process, when you see the screen display, tap your finger to check if the screen behavior is normal and shut down the LUMEN X system.

10. When the screen goes dark, press the power button to turn off the power.

11. Turn on the power again. Make sure the screen lights up at this point.

Note: When turning off the power, it is necessary to take the steps of “system” → “shutdown” to

minimize the possibility of losing the settings of LUMEN X.

For further assistance and queries, please feel free to reach us out at or via phone:

US +1-833-235-5465 

EU +46-31-128-700