1. Open HeartWare and load desired STL files.

2. Position each STL as desired by selecting the move object button and entering the relevant x, y, and z coordinates for each object that has been loaded.

3. Assign different extruders/printheads to each object using the dropdown menus in the Object Placement tab.

4. To adjust slicing settings, go to the Slicer tab and select Configuration.

5. Within the Configuration pop up window, you can apply slicer settings such as layer height (layers and perimeters tab), speed (speed tab), infill density (infill tab), and infill pattern (infill tab).

6. Once you have selected your desired slicer settings, select Slice with Slic3r to slice your STL files into a single g code file.

7. You can view the g code file by selecting Edit G-Code.

8. The g code can then be saved to a USB (for use with a BIO X) or SD card (for use with an Inkredible or Inkredible+).