1. Start by clicking on Printer Settings.

2. Copy the settings in the images below for a BIO X bioprinter

3. Once you are done, press Apply, then click OK. 


1. Navigate to the Slicer tab in CELLINK Heartware and select the CONFIGURATION button. This should initiate the Slic3r software to launch.


2. Navigate to the OUTPUT OPTIONS side tab and delete the path to the post-processor under Post-processing scriptsRepeat this process for all print settings (ex. Organ Simple, Organ Skin, Organ Support, etc.) Make desired adjustments to your print and select the save icon when you are finished. 


3. Navigate to PRINTER SETTINGS, and select the GENERAL side tab.  Select 3 extruders. 

4. Select the CUSTOM G-CODE side tab. Make sure it looks like the image below.

5. Save your changes under the name BIO X. 

You should be all set to start using Heartware and Slic3r.