1. Turn off the machine.
  2. Plug in a USB keyboard.
  3. Hit the front power button.
  4. As someone hits the side power button, hit the Del key will you either see Zotac BIOS settings or a password prompt.
  5. If you see a password prompt, the password is lumen.
  6. Go to the Power tab.
  7. Check to see if USB Wake Up Power is Enabled and to see if AC power loss is set to Power On.
  8. Hit F10 on the keyboard and hit Enter to save and exit.
  9. Once LightField boots, test to see if everything is working by tapping System then Shut Down then Yes.
  10. Once the screen is black, tap the power button to turn it off.
  11. Turn on the machine again and it should boot straight into LightField.