WARNING. Do NOT leave BIO X unsupervised while it runs automatic calibration. Be prepared to unplug BIO X in the event of automatic calibration failure. Leaving BIO X unsupervised during the automatic calibration process risks damage to your machine. 

NOTE: Automatic calibration is only supported for the 3cc Pneumatic, 10cc Pneumatic and Temperature-controlled Printheads. 

HeartOS 1.7+: 

Bioprint-> Print -> Print -> Calibrate -> Automatic Calibration 


1. If you would like to run automatic bed-leveling and X, Y and Z axis calibration, start the bioprinting process as usual. Select a model and a surface and enter your printer and layer settings.  

2. Go to the Print tab. Review your parameters and optionally save the protocol.  

3. Select Print. 

4. Press Calibrate in the print page. Select Automatic calibration. 


5. A message will appear prompting you to attach the probe. Attach the probe and select Continue. 


6. Ensure the XY probe is positioned in a straight vertical position. Clear the bed of any tall objects.  

7. Verify all hardware components are ready.  

8. Select Start to begin the calibration process. 


9. After a homing cycle, automatic calibration will begin, and a progress screen will appear. If necessary, press Abort to cancel the procedure at any time. 


10. After the automatic calibration process is complete, a message will appear prompting you to remove the probe. Remove the probe and select Close to return to the print menu. 


11. Press Start to proceed to bioprinting.