WARNING. Do NOT leave BIO X unsupervised while it runs ABL. Be prepared to unplug BIO X if ABL fails. Leaving BIO X unsupervised during the ABL process risks damage to your machine 


HeartOS 1.7+: 

Bioprint-> Print -> Print -> Calibrate -> Automatic bed-leveling 


1. If you would like to run automatic bed- and surface-leveling only, begin the bioprinting process as usual. Select a model and surface.  

2. Enter your printer and layer settings.  

3. Navigate to the Print tab. Review your parameters and optionally save the protocol. 

4. Select Print 

4. Once in the print page, press Calibrate and select Automatic bed-leveling. 


6. A message will appear prompting you to attach the probe. Attach the probe and select Continue. 

7. A progress screen will appear. If necessary, press Abort to cancel the procedure at any time. After canceling the procedure or completing the ABL process, the system will return to the calibration method menu.  

8. Use automatic axis calibration or remove the probe for manual calibration. 


NOTE: Keeping the probe attached while printing may damage the printed construct.