How to calibrate 

NOTE: Perform machine calibration before using any of the automatic calibration features. Recalibrate after each software update.  

HeartOS 1.7+ directory:  

Utilities -> Move and calibrate -> Surface probe -> Calibrate 


  1. Make sure the surface probe is attached.  




Figure 1: Correct placement of surface probe in the surface probe stabilizer. 

  1. Navigate to Utilities. Select Move and calibrate 



  1. Home the axes and move the ABL probe so that it hovers over the XY printhead calibration lever. Focus on the X and Y alignments; ignore the Z alignment as it does not need to touch in the Z direction.  

  1. Cross-reference with correct and incorrect calibration positions pictured below. 


Figure 2 Correct calibration position. 



Figure 23. Incorrect calibration position. 



Figure 4 Incorrect calibration position. 



  1. Select Calibrate. The ABL probe will calibrate automatically. 


  1. Remove the ABL probe. 


 Figure 5. Remove the probe when autocalibration is not running.