Possible causes:

1)Incorrect power output settings or exposure time. 

When printing check that you are using the recommended parameters for the photo resin in your application. CELLINK support can provide you with your Lumen X power output benchmark numbers taken during the quality testing of your printer. If you are using the correct parameters try increasing the exposure time by 1second and power output by 5-10% and repeated the print process.

2) The Lumen X projector may be out of focus.

Check that your Lumen X is properly focused by selecting the advanced tab and bring down the projector power level. Lay down the UV  reactive acrylic sheet that came with your printer on the print surface glass, then select the project focus image option. Be sure to wear proper P.P.E to protect yourself against Ultraviolet light.

Using your UV reactive acrylic sheet and scope inspect the UV sheet. The 4 corners of the UV sheet should display a bullseye labeled with the number 200 on the inner diameter of the perimeter ring. If you are unable to see the number 200, use the provided hex wrench to turn the adjustment screw on the back of the Lumen X. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise or counterclockwise to increase and decrease the focus. 

For further assistance adjusting the focus on your Lumen X please contact support@cellink.com