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CELLINK SUPPORT is the first universal biomaterial thickener for the development of bioinks. CELLINK SUPPORT has been optimized for blending with nearly every traditional 3D culturing material to enhance its viscosity and incorporate shear thinning characteristics. This allows CELLINK SUPPORT to impart printability on nearly any biomaterial, greatly broadening the biomaterials that can be utilized as bioinks. CELLINK SUPPORT is compatible with any commercially available or in-house 3D Bioprinting system. Additionally, CELLINK SUPPORT can be utilized as a sacrificial bioink to support constructs with complex geometries.


CELLINK SUPPORT is intended for and has been used with a wide range of cell types. As a universal bioink thickener, it can supplement many traditional biomaterials, allowing wide application toward nearly every tissue target or cell type. Additionally, it can be utilized with biomaterials that crosslink through many modalities, such as ionic, photo-crosslinking such as UV or blue light, and self-assembly.