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With a new and improved formulation, CELLINK START X is an ink developed for demonstrations and educational purposes which has the ability to be crosslinked with 405 nm light. CELLINK START X prints well through a wide range of nozzle shapes and diameters. This ink can be utilized both for evaluation of construct geometry and for education and training purposes. CELLINK START X additionally can be utilized as a long lasting ink for structural support, as a soft surface for printing, components in perfusible organ-on-a-chip, and for educational purposes as permanent models with tailorable mechanical characteristics. CELLINK START X is non-toxic and can be utilized in conjugation with a wide range of bioinks.


Primary applications of CELLINK START X include the fabrication of crosslinked models for validation of construct geometries, bulk material for perfusible chips, and mechanically tailorable structures for soft robotics and bioink standardization.