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CELLINK START is our revolutionary polyethylene oxide-based bioink that is an excellent sacrificial bioink. CELLINK START prints well through a wide range of nozzle shapes and diameters. This bioink can be utilized both for evaluation of construct geometry and for education and training purposes. CELLINK START can be utilized as a sacrificial material for both structural support and for the generation of perfusable conduits networks that can act as a basis for vascular network formation. CELLINK START is non-toxic and can be utilized in conjugation with a wide range of bioinks. 


The primary applications of CELLINK START is as a support material for constructs that consist of complex geometries such as overhangs or irregular shapes that may require a temporary support. Additionally, it can be utilized as a sacrificial material for the incorporation of vascular networks within a construct. While CELLINK® START is non-toxic, it is recommended that the bioink is removed through washing with warmed PBS prior to cell culture or implantation.