For more information on SDS and specification sheets, see the attached documents on our website. 


CELLINK PLURONICS is a ready-to-print sacrificial and support bioink that exhibits excellent printability. This bioink has been optimized for the fabrication of vascularized tissues, channels in microfluidic devices, and support complicated tissue constructs. CELLINK PLURONICS is compatible with nearly all bioinks, allowing its use in a diverse range of applications including supporting the fabrication of constructs consisting of low molecular weight components to incorporating vascular networks within tissue models and other structures. 


CELLINK PLURONICS is primarily intended for use as a sacrificial material as structural support for bioprinted structures and for the generation of perfusable conduits and other vessel networks within a construct. While CELLINK PLURONICS is non-toxic, it is recommended that after printing, the bioink is removed through washing with cooled PBS prior to cell culture or implantation.