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GelXA LAMININK 521 is a bioink for applications with cells that require the presence of the laminin 521 isoform. Laminin is an extracellular matrix protein found predominantly within the basal lamina of many tissues. This protein is characterized by its cross-like structure that serves as a structural foundation for many tissues. It consists of three domains, known as alpha, beta, and gamma. Fifteen laminin trimers exist, with each combination serving different roles and cellular compatibility. Laminin 521 consists of a chain conformation of alpha5beta2gamma1 and is important in tissue development during the embryonal stage but remains one of the most common laminins in the adult organism. 


GelXA LAMININK 521 can be applicable as a great starting point for the culture of many cell types. The laminin 521 composition is similar to the composition of many commercially available matrices derived from tumor extracts. This xenografic source allows better control over the matrix environment compared to other heterogenous matrices. This bioink is suggested for expansion and facilitates self-renewal of human pluripotent and embryonic stem cells. Furthermore, the bioink can be used as a base for many specialized cells including hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, and neurons.

See the attached document for the bioprinting protocol.