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Bio Conductink is comprised of electrically conductive carbon nanotubes (CNTs) dispersed in a GelMA-base. The homogeneous dispersion of CNTs enables achievement of electrical percolation at relatively low CNT content with low cytotoxicity. Bio Conductink leverages carbonaceous conductive agents to give users excellent printability through a wide range of nozzle diameters with a capability to form continuous filaments at low pressures. GelMAbased matrix is easily photocrosslinked through the activation of the photoinitiator, retaining the electrical percolation network formed by CNTs. 


Bio Conductink is designed for studying muscular contraction and nerve repair. The bioink creates an electrically conductive cell environment for neural and muscle cells. This enables them to transfer electrical signals, enhancing cell communication and capacity for network formation. This bioink has been optimized for use with the BIO X system and temperature controlled printhead with thermal nozzle cover and the use of a cooled printbed. While the bioink can be used with the INKREDIBLE+ system due to its ability to heat the bioink, secondary steps are necessary to cool the printed structure to pre-gel it prior to crosslinking. Clogging may still occur due to lack of temperature control at the nozzle. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the bioink with the INKREDIBLE system since the bioink will not perform as expected and resulting filament characteristics may be inconsistent.