For more information on SDS and specification sheets, see the attached documents on our website. 


The ColMA solution consists of methacrylated type I collagen derived from rat tail, for use as a 3D tissue construct biomaterial or as a component in bioinks. The ColMA incorporates the excellent biocompatibility of type I collagen with the enhanced mechanical properties associated with methacrylate groups. This material both self-assembles under thermal heating and photocrosslinks to enhance mechanical characteristics. The ColMA solution is sterile and needs to be neutralized prior to usage with cells 


The ColMA consists of sterile ColMA solution along with an addition of photoinitiator necessary to blend your own bioink composition. Easy to use and to get started making your own collagen scaffolds for tissue engineering or high throughput screening. The ColMA bioink has been optimized for use with the BIO X system and temperature controlled printhead with thermal nozzle cover and the use of a heated printbed. It is not recommended to use these bioinks with the INKREDIBLE or INKREDIBLE+ system due to its lack of cooling, the bioink will not perform as expected and resulting filament characteristics may be inconsistent. 

See attached documents for reconsititution and casting protocols.