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CELLINK SKIN is optimized to culture fibroblasts and keratinocytes for fabricating skin and skin-related constructs This bioink contains fibrinogen to recreate the native wound-healing environment found in native tissue, particularly in skin. CELLINK SKIN comes with an enhanced crosslinking solution that contains thrombin to enable development of a compound network with unparalleled stability. After crosslinking with thrombin, CELLINK SKIN contains in situ fibrin and fibrinogen to provide an environment that resembles the native wound healing process. CELLINK SKIN is perfectly adapted for skin model research and testing. Combine CELLINK SKIN with our VASKIT to develop vascularized skin models. CELLINK SKIN bioink maintains the universal CELLINK bioink’s excellent printability and easy crosslinking. 


CELLINK SKIN is optimized for fabricating skin constructs. These constructs can be comprised of fibroblasts and keratinocytes in multilayered structures. Read Printing skin tissue models with CELLINK SKIN for more details. 

See attached document for the bioprinting protocol.