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CELLINK RGD is an enhanced composition of our universal CELLINK bioink that contains a covalently conjugated L-Arginine-Glycine-L-Aspartic Acid peptide sequence, also known as RGD while also maintaining the excellent printability of CELLINK bioink. This peptide sequence is derived from fibronectin and is the most commonly recognized sequence by cells for adhesion. RGD has wide applicability in the engineering of nearly every tissue. The sequence has also been utilized for the surfacing of implants such as bone and vascular implants to improve integration within the body. Simply stabilize the bioprinted construct with our crosslinking solution. This bioink makes an excellent bioink for the fabrication of a wide range of tissue types. 


CELLINK RGD is intended for and has been used with a wide range of cell types. As the world’s first universal bioink, it can be readily supplemented with tissue specific constituents and biomolecules to tailor its application toward nearly every target tissue or cell type. In particular, the biological functionality of CELLINK RGD has been evaluated extensively for tissue engineering applications, such as cartridge. In these cases, the maturation of human chondrocytes bioprinted with CELLINK RGD into neo-tissues has been studied on gene expression and protein levels. For example, CELLINK RGD supports the synthesis of cartilage-specific extracellular matrix components by human chondrocytes. Additionally, the material has shown compatibility with skin and tumor engineering applications. 

See attached document for the bioprinting protocol.