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CELLINK LAMININK 411 is designed for cells that require the laminin 411 isoform. Laminin is an extracellular matrix protein predominantly found in the basal lamina of many tissues. Laminin has a foundational cross-like structure. Laminin has three domains: alpha, beta and gamma. Fifteen laminin trimers exist; each combination has a different role and cellular compatibility. Laminin 411 has a chain conformation of alpha4beta1gamma1, and it plays a critical role in cell activity. Laminin 411 maintains the universal CELLINK bioink’s excellent printability and ease of crosslinking 


CELLINK LAMININK 411 is well-suited for culturing many specific cell types, including pancreatic and neural cells. The bioink may be used as a base material for the development of pancreas models and the study of brain and nerve tissue. The xenographic source of the laminin allows better control over matrix environment compared to other heterogenous matrices.

See attached document for the bioprinting protocol