For more information on SDS and specification sheets, see the attached documents on our website. 


CELLINK A-RGD is an enhanced composition of our CELLINK A bioink that contains a covalently conjugated L-Arginine-Glycine-L-Aspartic Acid peptide sequence, also known as RGD. This peptide sequence is derived from fibronectin and is the most commonly recognized cell-adhesion sequence, with a wide applicability in engineering nearly every tissue. Simply stabilize the bioprinted construct with our ionic crosslinking solution. 


CELLINK A-RGD is intended for use with a wide range of cell types. It can be easily supplemented with a range of tissue-specific constituents and biomolecules to tailor its differentiation capacity toward nearly every target tissue or cell type. It is recommended that CELLINK A-RGD is used in conjugation with CELLINK SUPPORT or CELLINK START to enhance stability, or with the syringe printhead to better control extrusion rates. 

See attached document for bioprinting protocol.