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CELLINK A is based on alginate, a naturally derived polysaccharide isolated from the cell walls of brown algea. Alginate has arrangements of (1,4)-linked-D-mannuronic acid (M units) and -L-guluronic acid (G units) monomers. Alginate's biocompatibility, ease-of-use and versatility enables its use as a biomaterial in diverse applications. Potential applications include bone and cartilage engineering, along with cell and drug delivery techniques. Simply stabilize the bioprinted construct with our ionic crosslinking solution. 


CELLINK A is intended for use with a wide range of cell types. It supplements easily with a range of tissue-specific constituents and biomolecules to tailor its differentiation capacity toward nearly every target tissue or cell type. We recommend printing CELLINK A within boundaries composed of CELLINK SUPPORT or CELLINK START, as these inks act as support and enhance its stability. Combine with the syringe printhead to better control extrusion rates.

See attached document for the biorinting protocol