Generating a .gcode file:

  • In order to print a 3D model on the printer, you need to generate a .gcode file, which is the only language the printer understands. We recommend using slic3r software to do this.
  • To setup your slic3r software to generate .gcode files that corresponds to the Inrkedible/Inkredible+ printers follow the procedure outlines here.
  • Once, the silc3r software is setup, you can go ahead and generate a .gcode file.
  • Save the generated .gcode file on an SD card and insert the SD card on the printer and you are ready to print.


Controlling your printer from a computer:

  • We at CELLINK take customer feedback very seriously. Many customers requested that they wanted to control and print from a desktop PC. Hence we built the HeartWare software suite.
  • You can follow this guide to setup and start using the HeartWare software.
  • You might need to update the postprocessor script depending on when you download the software.


Please feel free to contact us at if you need assistance with any of the above step.