CELLINK Support is available to help and assist with your bioprinting problems and other related issues. CELLINK Support Representatives can be reached out via email at support@cellink.com or via phone: 


US +1-833-235-5465 

EU +46-31-128-700 


For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Videos, Downloads, and other related support transactions can be viewed from this link. You can visit our CELLINK Support Portal for a list of support articles to help address your issues and concerns. 


Kindly feel free to visit our Youtube Channel view interesting videos regarding our state-of-the-art bioprinters, bioprinting strategies, bioink explanations and usage, and the like. You may also find some scientific data from our collaborators through this link to learn more regarding tissue engineering, various biomaterials, and other bioink testimonials. There are also hundreds of publications and research papers that can be viewed from this link to learn more from various researchers across the globe who utilized our cutting edge bioprinters.   


For more information on our CELLINK Care Protection Plan (CPP), kindly visit this link for more information.