G92 works only after a G7(relative movement) and not G1(absolute movement). You must return to current origin before using G7 G92 commands to change the origin position. Do not add values after the X or Y in the G92. You can also do G92 X or G92 Y to only reset X or Y axis. 


1. Move to the current origin

2. Use G7 to move to new desired origin position

3. G92 to reset coordinates to the new position, creating the new origin

Example(This makes 2 parallel lines in the Y axis 10 apart)

G21 ; set units to millimeters

G90 ; use absolute coordinates

M83 ; use relative distances for extrusion

T0; use printhead 1

G1 Z0.4 ; Layer Height

G1 X0 Y10.00 E1 F600 ; make line from 0,0 to 0,10

G1 Z5 ; Raise PH

G1 X0 Y0 ;Move back to origin

G7 X10 Y0 ;Move over 10 on X axis

G1 Z0.4 ;Layer Height

G92 X Y ; reset coordinates to 0,0

G1 X0 Y10 E1 F600 ; Make same line to Y10 next to first line