First connect the printer to your PC via wire connection and click the windows icon and type Device Manager.

From there locate the Ports (COM & LPT)  tab and click the drop down.
In the drop down you should see 3D Printer powered by RAMBo (COM##). Those two ## should be the port number of your printer. Keep these numbers in mind for the next process.

Next go to your printer and take out the SD card while also going into Utilities Menu < Disable SD Print.
Open up Heartware on your PC and click the Config tab on the top left of the program.
Then click the Printer Settings tab and a window will pop up.

You will notice there is a drop menu that says Port:, change that to the COM## that you previously saw and click apply and ok on the bottom of the window. 

Press the connect button on the top left and your printer should now be connected, and a good way to tell is to go to the Manual Control tab that is located in the top right of the software. 

From there click the little house button located in the middle of the screen. The printer should now be homing. If the printer is not moving then go back into the printer settings change the port to Auto and try connecting again.