How to allow the user to print using both extruders at the same time on the INK/INK+


  1. First Home the axes of your printer (Prepare Bioprint->Home Axes)
  2. The Z axes must then be calibrated and stored until the User believes it is at a suitable height (Prepare Bioprint->Move Z->Move 1MM)
  3. Once the perfect height has been reached the User will store the Z calibration (Utilities Menu->Z Calibration->Store Z Calibration->Yes)
  4. The z calibration is now set, the start of the print must be recalibrated to avoid collision of print heads and the petri dish (Utilities Menu->Move Axis->Move 1MM-> Move X)
  5. The first print head should now be slightly to the left, away from its original position.
  6. The User will now set the print position to allow the printer to start at that specific location when printing the gcode file (Utilities Menu->Advanced Options->Set Print Start->Set Print Start Position->Yes)
  7. Once the Printer settings are complete the gcode must be edited in the Cellink Heartware program (G-Code Editor tab)
  8. Before the entire gcode a G90/G20/M83 command is the first line. Before that line add the command M754 (place both extruders in active position)
  9. Every time a M760 (open extruder 1 valve) appears add a M762 (open extruder 2 valve)
  10. Every time a M761 (close extruder 1 valve) appears add a M763 (close extruder 2 valve)
  11. Since both extruders are in series with each other, regarding pressure, the User must adjust the pressure to less than double the normal amount used currently or until the extruders extrude a proper amount of bioink.
  12. Once these steps are completed the User may now print two structures using both extruders at the same time.