If you'd like your INK/INK+ printer to remember the Z height without having to calibrate every time you home the axes, you can store the Z calibration by following the steps below: 

1. Home Axes (Prepare Bioprint-> Home Axes)

2. Move Z until needle or nozzle is at the desired height away from the Petri dish

3. Store Calibration (Utilities->Z calibration->Store Z calibration)

4. Calibrate Z (Prepare Bioprint -> Home Axes)

To verify it worked, home axes again. Then, move Z to verify that Z=0 when nozzle is at desired calibration height. 

This feature should store your desired Z calibration even if you home again or restart the printer. To return to the original Z calibration settings go to (Utilities->Z calibration->Reset Z calibration). 

For further assistance, contact support@cellink.com