You can add several objects into a same bioprint. This is beneficial if you would like to print several objects (for multiple copies of a same file or entirely different objects) at the same time. This feature is also beneficial when using multiple extruders/inks. 

To do this follow these steps:

1) Click on the load icon on the top left corner of Hearware

2) Select the multiple files you wish to add. You can do this by clicking on the first one, pressing the "shift" key and selecting the last file you would like added. This will add all files in between the first one and the last one.

3) Select the part you would like to move. You can also rotate and make invisible parts by clicking on the "eye" icon right next to the file name.

4) Finally you can click on the "arrows" icon to move the object around the print area.

-- If you wish to use multiple extruders you can follow this extra step:

5) Click on the drop down menu by the right of the file name and select which extruder would you like to use. This will make the selected file turn into a different color (the one selected under printer settings in HeartWare).