On how to level printheads on the INKREDIBLE

If after homing and raising both PH1 and PH2, one appears to be higher than the other they need to be leveled. This is done in the following manner:

  • Make sure they are actually uneven rather than uncalibrated. You can check this by going into Utilities in the home menu, selecting PH controls, then selecting “Home PH”, and finally Raising both PH. If after doing this one is still higher than the other, as seen in the image below, you may proceed with the following steps.

  • Using a T6 torx screwdriver, adjust the small screw on the lower right back area of PH2, this might be possible to do without taking off the printhead from the rail. If it is not possible to get the screwdriver in, you may lower PH2 until it is out of the rail, and manually adjust the screw.

  • If you had to take off the PH2 from the rail, try to insert PH2 in such a manner that the small gear in the back is around the middle of where it says PH1 and PH2.
  • Home the Printheads again and raise both Printheads to check the new difference.
  • Keep adjusting the screw in the back of PH2 until bot Printheads are aligned after raising them both, as seen below