CELLINK recommends using the Slic3r software for converting your 3D models/ CAD files to G-code (.gcode format), which the printer can read. This article shows Mac users how to download and configure this software to your 3D printer’s specifications.


All required software is delivered on the SD-card you received with your INKREDIBLE/INKREDIBLE+ 3D Bioprinter, if not email us at support@cellink.com and we will send you the files.


NOTE: Ensure that files given to you on SD card are stored in an easily accessible location. This will make the following steps streamlined and easier to follow.

TIP: Rename the File default named “INKREDIBLE +” to “INKREDIBLE+”.  In other words, remove the space between the “INKREDIBLE” and “+” in the folder name.  This will make the following steps easier


    1. Download Python onto your computer

Option 1: Choose the latest version on the python website by following the link for “Python software” on the CELLINK website in the Downloads section (https://cellink.com/support/)

Option 2:  Run the python-3.5.2 file from the "Software" folder in the INKREDIBLE+ folder provided to you

    2.  During installation, select "Add Python (version) to PATH box


    3. Navigate to your computer’s Terminal

        This can be done by pressing the F4 key and typing “terminal”, then hitting ENTER

    4. Direct the terminal to the location you saved the folder containing the file “postprocessor.py”, then hit ENTER.  This location is             within the “Software” folder from the SD card. An example of what your file path will look like if you have saved the INKREDIBLE+         folder to the desktop is:

cd /Users/(yourusername)/Desktop/INKREDIBLE+/Software

    5. After you have successfully directed the terminal, type the following into the next line of the terminal and hit Enter:

chmod +x postprocessor.py

(Also add:

"vim postprocessor.py
:set ff=unix

to the terminal commands if Slic3r or Repetier Host is not able to find the post-processor )

If you do not know the file path, find the “postprocessor.py” file, right click and select “Get Info”

Under the General tab, the category “Where” will describe where you have saved the file. As you can see, the location matches the file path above.


    6. Download Slic3r by following the link “Slic3r G-code preparation software” from the downloads section on the https://cellink.com/support/ site.

Be sure to select the version for Mac

    7. Once the download is complete, open the file and click and drag Slic3r into your applications folder.

You may encounter a security error because the application is from an unidentified developer. 

        Instructions to override this security can be found here (may vary depending on OS version):


    8. Run the Slic3r software leaving all settings as default EXCEPT for the Extrusion temperature and Bed temperature, which should         both be set to 0

    9.At the top of your screen click on “Slic3r”, then “Preferences…”

    Change the mode to “Expert” and ensure the following boxes are checked as seen in the picture

    10. Go to “File” -> “Load Config Bundle”

  • Scroll to directory where you saved the “Software” folder from the SD card.
  • Select file names “INKREDIBLE configuration bundle”


    11. In Slic3r go to the “Print Settings” Tab

  • Navigate to the “Output options” tab on the sidebar
  • Select “Organ Simple from the expandable menu

Enter the file path to the file called "postprocessor.py"(ensure that the file name is indeed postprocessor.py, if not rename the file to postprocessor.py)

  • in the "Software" folder you copied from the SD-card.  This is the same directory that you entered into the terminal before! /Users/(yourusername)/Desktop/INKREDIBLE+/Software

  • Click the "Save current print settings" button

  • Repeat step 11 for each of the different profiles: "Organ Simple", "Organ Skin", "Organ Support", "TUBULAR" and "Tissue Model". Remember to save each time!

    12. Navigate to the “Printer Settings Tab” at the top of the window

  • Go to the “Custom G-code” sidebar tab
  • Enter the following code in the “Start G-code” box: M760
  • Save


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