Overview: The Repeteir-Host Software allows Mac users to control theirBioprinters from their computers.

NOTE: Using the Repeteir-Host software on Mac does not provide the same functionality as the Windows Heartware version.  It is recommended that Homing and Calibrating the Z axis be done before initiating the print from the Repetier-Host for Mac software.


    1. Download the version of Repeteir-Host for Mac using this link

    2. Open the file and drag the icon to your Applications folder as shown in the photo

    3. A security message may appear because the Repetier-Host Application is unfamiliar to the computer. To get around the security settings, open the application from the Applications folder in Finder

    4. Click on "Printer Settings" and ensure that your printer is set to the following parameters

    Under port, select the specific port that appears when the computer and printer are hooked up with the USB cable. For example “usbmodem1421”

    5. Once you are done, press Apply, then click OK


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