CELLINK recommends using the Slic3r software for converting your 3D models to G-code, which the printer can read. All the required software are delivered on the SD-card you received with your INKREDIBLE/INKREDIBLE+ 3D Bioprinter.

Setting up the software 

1. Copy all the files from the folder on the provided SD-card to your computer, or submit a ticket to request these files. 

2. Run the python-3.5.2 file from the "Software" folder. Check the "Add Pyhton 3.5 to PATH" box. 

Note: if you are using an Apple computer, you need to complete the following sequence for the software to work properly

-Navigate to your terminal and type:cd[filepath to the folder containing the file postprocessor.py] and press enter (located in the "Software" folder on the SD-card).

-Type "chmod +x postprocessor.py" into your terminal and press enter.

3. Run the Slic3r software leaving all settings as default EXCEPT for the Extrusion temperature and Bed temperature, which shoudl both be set to 0. 


4. Go to "File" and enter "Preferences".

-Change the mode to "Expert"

5. Go to "File"-> "Load Config Bundle" 

- Scroll to the directory where you saved the "Software" folder from the SD-card that came with you bioprinter

-Select the file named "INKREDIBLE configuration bundle"

6. In Slic3r, go to the "Print Settings"

-Click "Output options".

-Select "Organ Simple" from the menu.

        - Enter the file path to the file called "postprocessor.py"(ensure that the file name is indeed postprocessor.py, if not rename the file to postprocessor.py) in the "Software" folder you copied from the SD-card, in our example: C:\Users\Olof\Desktop\postprocessor.py.

        - Click the "Save current print settings" button

7. Repeat step 6 for each of the different profiles: "Organ Simple", "Organ Skin", "Organ Support", "TUBULAR" and "Tissue Model". Remember to save each time!

8. Enter the "Printer Settings" tab.

        -Under "General" tab, click on "Bed Shape" and set the following settings

        - Select number of extruders (select 2 for INKREDIBLE and INKREDIBLE+)

        - Select "Custom G-code" tab and delete all text under "Start G-code", "End G-code", "Before layer change G-code" and "After layer change G-code"

The Slic3r software is now ready to use!