Conversion table for nozzle and needle diameters

Standard NozzleColorGaugeInner Diameter
Green18G0.84 mm
Pink20G0.58 mm
Blue22G0.41 mm
Red25G0.25 mm
Clear27G0.20 mm

Precision Conical NozzleColorGauge
Inner Diameter
Light Blue21G0.609 mm
Purple23G0.564 mm
White25G0.437 mm
Red27G0.335 mm
Black30G0.233 mm
BlueN/A0.15 mm
OrangeN/A0.1 mm
YellowN/A0.05 mm

Standard NeedleColorGaugeInner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Green18G0.84 mm1.27 mm
Pink20G0.61 mm0.91 mm
Purple21G0.51 mm0.82 mm
Blue22G0.41 mm0.72 mm
Orange23G0.33 mm0.65 mm
Red25G0.25 mm0.52 mm
Clear27G0.20 mm0.42 mm
Lavender30G0.15 mm0.31 mm
Yellow32G0.10 mm0.24 mm


Conversion table for nozzle and needle length

The length of our nozzles is always 32mm. Needle length varies based on the table values below.

Needle lengthFull length