Please ensure that the nozzle in printhead one is shorter than the nozzle in printhead two. 

1. Select “Home axes” under “Prepare Bioprint” and calibrate the first printhead as normal.

2. Select “Raise PH1” and then "Lower PH2” under “Utilities menu > Control PHs”

3. Load a cartridge in PH2.

4. Under “Utilities menu”, select “Move axes” and move the nozzle in X, Y, and Z until the second printhead is stationed where the first printhead was calibrated.

5. Under Utilities menu, select “Store printhead offset.” 

6. Ensure the Gcode you want to print has the following commands before the print starts in order to utilize the second printhead:


M712 ; Switch coordinate system from PH1 to PH2

M752 ; Lower PH2

M762 ; valve open, similar to M760 for PH1

M763 ; valve close, similar to M761 for PH1


7. Load the Gcode in the SD card and select it in “Bioprint” menu.


A video detailing this process can also be viewed here.